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Water Your Plants While You Are Away---063

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If you’re planning a vacation in the summer, it can be quite concerning if you have a garden to tend to. In addition, the hot weather will dry out your plants even more quickly. Unless you have someone taking care of your garden while you’re on vacation, you can say goodbye to those plants.

What if you had an automatic irrigation system? Imagine all your plants being watered individually at their own pace. You wouldn’t have to worry about watering anything for weeks. You can calculate the amount of watering days by adjusting the drip speed and the amount of water capacity.

Why not save time and give yourself the peace of mind you need when you’re away? Even if you’re not going on vacation, you can have more time for other errands or chores around the house. The garden irrigation system will water your plants automatically without your attention.

I was skeptical about this product at first but it turns out that it does the job quite well. It comes with 12 watering spikes, which is good for 12 plants. It’s a reasonable amount too. The instructions say that you will need some sort of bottle to act as the capacity holder for the water supply. I chose to use a regular 2 liter soda bottle so that I don’t have to refill the water so often. The process was simple, all you do is fill the bottle with water and then screw it onto the irrigation spikes. Afterwards, you can place the spikes on the plant that you want to water. You are able to adjust the drip speed so that you won’t over water or under water your plants. Overall, I found it quite easy to use and once I start expanding my garden, I may consider purchasing more so I can make a factory of plants.

Watching over your plants is crucial, especially in hot weather. It can be really hot one day and the plants can just evaporate into thin air and you will be left wondering what happened. If you are planning to go somewhere this summer, then consider this. Automation is the future!

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