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Things you must have for bicycle safety—021

Posted by Cindy Z on

School just get started,some college students would like to take bicycle to school, but safety is an important thing they need to concert. It is not easy for the car drivers to identify them on the street, therefore, increase the visibility of bicycle and the awareness of safety for them is necessary. Here are the things you must have!

Bicycle Flashlight

Every bike should have a lamp in order for the motor vehicle to easily identify.The most common accident involved a left-turning car driver who simply does not see the oncoming bicycle.Awareness is the key. Bike doesn’t have a mass size so that it is hard to be aware. Furthermore, there is no enough bike to make an impact.

In order to increase awareness from the motor vehicle even in daytime or night time, purchase a LED strobe and use it as a daytime or nighttime running light. The light are easy to use and clip onto your handlebars in a few seconds.Using one of these inexpensive Led flashing light during day or light is the easiest and maybe the most effective thing you can do to increase your visibility during the day or night time. Here is the bicycle light we recommend.

Bike Helmet

Severe Brain injuries not only have a serious impact on your life, but also cause death. Therefore, having a helmet is very important to protect you against brain injuries. Some studies have shown that you have reduced your risk of a serious brain injury by up to 88%, those number are a great reason to remember your helmet on your next ride. Furthermore, many bicycles accidents occur due to the car not seeing the bicycle. A bright colored helmet make you more visible in traffic and reduce your chance of a bike accident.What’s more? Many bicycle helmet could shade from the sun or whisk away rainfall from your eyes so that you can steer better during a sudden storm.

Bike mirror

Rider can see behind will never know where the danger will be from. Having more information while you are riding is always good for you. Here is the bike mirror we would like to introduce to you.

Safety is one of the most important thing in your life, having these affordable things could decrease the chance you are in danger, why don’t you have one?

Our wowparts always focus on providing our customers with the products could make them safer and happier.