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Should I drink this water? --057

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Bringing your own water with you while you are out camping is a safe bet. But what if you ran out of water? The only other source would be river water. It will be hard to determine if the water is drinkable or not. Bacteria and other pollutants can be present and you won’t even notice it. In this scenario, it is handy to bring along a water tester. Since it literally takes up no space and is super lightweight, you can bring it with you for any occasion: camping, hiking, or even traveling. You never know when you need it and it doesn’t hurt to carry one. Let’s talk about the measurements, since it can be too scientific and confusing.

There are 3 measurements: TDS, EC and TEMP. The TDS (total dissolved solids) reading will tell you how much solids are dissolved in your water in parts per million. These solids are commonly salt, minerals, or other inorganic material. This reading is important to knowing how much harmful bacteria is in your water. If there is too much solids, then it is not a good idea to risk your life drinking it.

The EC reading will show you the electrical conductivity of the water. A low EC reading will mean that there is a lower concentration of nutrients. This is a more positive….

The TEMP reading will display temperatures in C or F.

A higher TDS reading means that the water quality will be lower and less drinkable. It is advised to stay within the drinkable range of 0-200. You can find the full chart on the item’s page here:

With this, you don’t need to second guess yourself when you’re wondering if this is the right water to drink or not. Perfect item for the summer!