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Road Trip Necessities---020

Posted by Cindy Z on

1.Multiple car charger

When you go on a road trip with your friends, you might feel mortified if your phone runs out of battery and you are stuck in an unfamiliar place. And if you run out of battery during an important event, or you lose contact with your friends, it might be difficult to reach them again. Therefore,it is necessary to always have power on your phone. And having a multiple-port car charger could help you prevent your phones from running out of battery since your families or friends can charge from the same port (Cables not provided of course) Here is the 3-port car charger that I strongly recommend!

2.Phone case holder

When you go on a road trip, you have to drive for a while to get to your destination. Using a GPS might be difficult since you have to hold the phone in one hand and drive with the other. Also, it can cause accidents if you are not careful. A phone mount is needed since it could allow you to hold your phone at a certain angle and look at the GPS without holding the phone in your hand. To keep it short, having a phone holder is not only for your convenience, but also for your safety. Here is the phone holder I personally enjoy using because it is magnetic and easy to install.

3. Dash camera

If you go on a long road trip, you guys might feel sleepy while driving in the evening. Drowsiness may increase the chance of a car accident. Therefore, install a dash camera in case something goes wrong. The evidence should be recorded since there might not be many witnesses in the evening especially at late night.

In conclusion, multiple charger ports can prevent you and your friend's phones from running out of power. Car mounts can also help you hold your phone so that you can focus on driving, Dash cameras can record the evidence if something happens. Those are affordable things that are not just for a road trip, but it is for protecting you, your families and friends from dangerous situations, so what are you waiting for? Get yours today!