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Providing More options for our Customers---022

Posted by Kuojung Wu on

Behavioral scientist and operations expert Bradley R. Staats states that : “Keep learning, or risk becoming irrelevant. It's a truism in today's economy: the only constant is change. Technological automation is making jobs less routine and more cognitively challenging. Globalization means you're competing with workers around the world. Simultaneously, the internet and other communication technologies have radically increased the potential impact of individual knowledge.”

As a company, we should never stopped learning. Our company slogan is “Go the extra mile!” We always want to do more for our customers. For example, we always look for new products in order to satisfied our customer’s needs. We will summarize the products’ issues and check with the product team to try and find a solution. Our products becoming more and more diverse. We not only provide electrical accessories but also non-electrical accessories such as storage bags, screwdrivers, and so on. Here is an interesting non-electrical accessories called vinyl coaster. It is a table bar accessories and can fit any size of the glassware, mug, cup, tea cup or bottle and can be used on any table type, wood, granite, glass ,bamboo, sandstone, marble.The coasters are made of top grade vinyl, it won’t rust, stain, or get scratched up. They can be wiped down or hand washed and dries quickly. They also have a small hole in the center just like an album, you can hang them up on the wall on small nails so that you can take them off and use them as coasters. Great gift for music lovers and perfect for parties.This cute coaster will save your table from nasty stains and protect table surfaces from hot and cold drinks. If you are interested in this product, please click the link down below.

Vinyl Coaster


As the world keeps changing, we will never stop learning and growing! And we will always do the extra for our dear customers, whether its helping with a product or providing a service.