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Protect Your Hand being Hurt from Overheat or Cold Staff with this ---030

Posted by Cindy Z on

When you are in the kitchen, have you ever hurt yourself from carrying something hot in the microwave, oven or hot pot? You may use a towel or paper towel to help you prevent the heat, but most of the time it won't completely protect you from high degree temperature.  And sometimes you can't get the proper grip with a paper towel. Here is a product that can help you take those hot plates out when you are cooking in the kitchen! Its called Baking Oven Mitts Silicone Heat Resistant Kitchen Cooking Pot Holder Gloves, The size is small and it is easier to grip onto your plates compared to using a towel or paper towel. it is very easy to use, just put your finger into the glove and grab your plate. There are several benefit to using this product.First, it could protect your hand from the hot or cold elements. It can protect your hands from temperatures up to 450 degrees. The material is environmentally safe, but we don't recommend you hold high temperature objects for over 30 secs with this glove because it may hurt your hand or damage the heat resistance of the glove. Second, you might wonder if it could hold your plate comfortably since the plate or bowl may be wet. The answer is yes! It is a non slip design, so you can hold it firmly. Third, it may be easy to get dirty since it can touch the food, sauce, or soup. But no worries, the mitts are hydrophobic which means it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Forth, the pinch oven mitts are small and light which can be stored easily and hanged on wherever you like in your kitchen with the built-in holes.