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Prevent Burn and Grease on Your Stove with This Aluminum Foil---043

Posted by Cindy Z on

When you cook, it is hard to control the oil splash everywhere which make the stove, wall and floor dirty and messy,and it also take time for you to clean the oil which is annoy, don’t you agree?

Here has a product could help u prevent the grease splash on the stove and wall and help you save time and effort to clean.It is called Aluminum foil, the size of the foil is about 33 x 12.7 inch and it is adjustable which could fit any size of your burner or pan. If your stove is bigger, you can have two of this piece of this foil. There are three panels which could surround your pans and provide a tall barrier to prevent burn and the grease splash to the stove and the wall. And it is fordable which you could fold it when it is not in use. Furthermore, this non-stick surface of the foil could make it easy to clean. No matter you will cook everyday or cook sometimes, this aluminum foil will definitely help you save time and effort to make the kitchen clean.