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More Pleasure With Wireless Controllers---026

Posted by Cindy Z on

The Nintendo Wii wireless controller is not the traditional controller. It is more like a television remote that allows you to play motion sensor games. You are able to control it with one hand with freedom.. The advantages of a wireless controller is that it gives you and your friends more space since it is wireless.Therefore, you don’t need to worry if the cord is not long enough to reach you. Furthermore, you also have a safer gaming area because there is less risk of tripping, which means less accidents. In addition, you can connect your Nintendo Wii with up to four controllers so that you and your friends can play games together with more joy. Last but not least, if you have pets, you don’t have to worry about them chewing up your cords anymore.

Instruction on how to connect the controllers:

1.Turn on the Wii and make sure it isn’t running any programs.

2.Remove the back cover of the Wii remote.

3.Flip down the SD cover on the front of the Wii. If you are using a Wii mini, the sync button (red button) can be found in the left side of the console near the battery slot.

4.Press and release the sync button on the back to the Wii remote. It is located below the battery. The LED light on the Wii remote will begin blinking.

5.Quickly press and release the sync button ( red button) on the Wii while the lights are flashing on the Wii remote.

6.Wait for the lights to stop flashing.

There are some tips you need to know:

1.Make sure there is no programs are running on the console.

2.Be sure the batteries have enough power

3.Remove the power cable from the back of the Wii and wait about 20 seconds.

4.Ensure your sensor bar has been placed above or below your TV.

5.Reset the Wii remote by removing the battery, wait for one minute, and then reinserting the batteries and syncing again.

6. Follow the same steps if you want to connect another controller. 

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