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​More Pleasure and Convenience with Wireless Headphones---016

Posted by Cindy on

It is more convenient to have no wires at all. If you like convenience, then you should try these wireless headphones. We all have experienced the hassle of dealing with wires. It can interfere with a lot of our daily activities which can be annoying to many of us.

I want to share my experience on using wired headphones. For example, when I go to gym, I can only use wired headphones while I am running on the treadmill. It is not convenient for me to do yoga or any other kinds of exercise which require me to move a lot since wires limit my movement. Furthermore, the wire of the headphones annoy me since most headphone cords are longer than they need to be. As a result, the wires can swing unnecessarily, causing me to be conscious of our movements which can restrict me from performing certain actions.

If I use wireless headphone, there is more freedom to move and I do not have to worry about pulling the headphones out of my ears. With wireless headphones, I feel more free and have the ability to do much more than wired headphones!

In addition to the wireless headphones is the built-in mic. We know that it is troublesome for customers to answer calls while they are busy. With the built-in mic, you will be able to pick up calls hands-free. There is no need to be occupied on the phone when your hands are not holding it. 

Here is one of the popular product sold on WowParts

Mini Twins Wireless Earphones

The feature of the wireless:

-Can reach 10m-15m distance from device

-Takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and can last 2-3 hours.

-Great sound quality

-Built in microphone

-4.1 Bluetooth

The package includes:

-2 earbuds

-4 extra earbuds in two different sizes

-1 power cable

-User Manual

Here is the things you need to know.

-You can press the button once to pause the music or video on the phone.

-To turn off the earphones, hold the button for a few seconds until it says “power off.”

-To open the earphones, press and hold for a few seconds until it says “power on.” The light should be blinking red and blue to indicate that it is turned on

-Comes with built-in microphone

How to pair the headphone with your phone

-Press and hold both earphones until it said power on and connect while there are red and blue light blinking. You can hold both at the same time or do it one by one.

-Turn on your phone bluetooth and select the right device’s name to connect.

-Open media and enjoy your headphones!

Issues that may occur when pairing the headphones

Problem:Customers might not be able to pair both of the earphones. For example, they can only hear the sound from one side, the other side doesn’t come out.

Solution: Turn off both earphones. Restart and pair both of them again. Hold the button until you see the light is blinking and hear “power on” and “connecting or pairing.” Turn on the music from the phone to check if both of them work.  

So if these wireless headphones interest you, please check out our listing below!