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Help Protecting You When You Are In Danger---035

Posted by Cindy Z on

Do you work late every day or come home late sometimes?
Do you like traveling?
Do you enjoy camping or hiking?
Do you worry about your kids when they are outside ?

You may need this product called the personal alarm keychain. When you or your families are outside on the way to somewhere or going home, by yourself at night, it can be dangerous. You can pull out this personal alarm when you are in danger. The sound is 130db which is loud enough to scare the robber and gather people's attention. It also has a bright LED light that can be useful when you are in dark places, such as opening your door with low visibility. It is a small and lightweight keychain that you can hang on your bag. It can be used for women, men, kids, elders, travelers, joggers or people with special needs. It can be a great gift for your friends or families. There are some tips you need to know. When the sound is low, a battery change may be needed. Also, it is not 100% waterproof, so keep it in dry conditions if possible.