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Having a cooking timer is for your safety---033

Posted by Cindy Z on

One day, I came home and smelt something burning from the kitchen. I found out there was foodon the stove cooking for way too long, and for some strange reason the fire alarm didn't go off.  At this time, my mom was sleeping on the sofa, she fell asleep and forgot there was something cooking in the kitchen. Has this happened to you before? Or have you thought about how to avoid this situation from happening? In my opinion, it is necessary to check the fire alarm regularly. Make sure it is operating correctly so we don't miss any accidents. Second, we should increase our family's awareness about preventing fires at home. Third, we should always have a cooking timer because occasionally we will forget that we are even cooking in the first place. A cooking timer is not only for making the perfect dish but it's also for preventing fires from starting.

Here is a timer called Durable Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Timer 60 MINUTEs Long Ring Bell Alarm Loud I chose this for my mom because it's very easy to use and the numbers can be easily seen. This timer is round-shaped and silver which makes it look very modern and fashionable.. It is made of stainless steel which is not easy to oxidize. It is also super easy to use, just turn the pointer to the time you want to set. It could set the time up to 60 mins.


Here is another type of timer called Large LCD Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer Count-Down Up Clock Alarm Magnetic.There are three colors:red, green and black. It is made of plastic. You can set the minutes and seconds by pressing the minute button for 3-5 seconds, the minute digits will increase quickly. Once it reaches the time limit, it will start beeping for 30 seconds. The maximum time to set is up to 90 mins. There is a magnet on the back which can be attached to a fridge door. Lastly,it uses LR1130 button battery which is included.


Having a cooking timer is necessary for every family. It is not only for preventing overcooking on your favorite food, but also for your family's safety.