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Have More Fun With a Smart Light Bulb ---023

Posted by Cindy Z on

Since the invention of the smartphone, more and more “ smart” devices are coming up in the market such as smart watches, smart key chains, and even smart washing machines. Believe it or not, the smart device will become popular in the future. One interesting thing that caught my attention recently was the smart light bulb. Many people haven’t gotten familiar with the smart light bulb yet. You are able to connect the bulb to your WiFi network, your phone can control the light bulb as long as there is WiFi. This is especially useful when you are out of town or you plan to save electricity while on vacation. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness level of the light bulb with your phone. You won't need to install a dimmer switch for the light bulb. The ability to control the brightness is one thing, however, another impressive feature of the smart led light bulb is the ability to easily change the color by using the app on your phone. It can change the feel of a room or to help set the mood for a holiday. Last but not least, you can adjust the light bulb temperature to be cooler or warmer which could help you sleep better.

Here is the LED smart light bulb we recommend, it’s called the “ WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb which works with Amazon Alexa and comes with a RGB remote control.” (H005700)

Besides the features of the smart led light bulb have which have introduced above, one more impressive feature of this smart light bulb is the ability to control the light bulb using your voice while pairing with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo or Google Home. Voice control smart bulbs that bring you even more convenience. Furthermore, it is able to combine control which can be shared with your family. It is also suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel, shop exhibition room and landscape, indoor and so on. On top of that, this light bulb is higher efficiency, low consumption and longer service life.


Smart devices are beginning to take over the household. It’s no wonder why many families are beginning to switch over to a smart home. It is bringing along a new wave of convenience with its ease of use and time-saving operations. What are you waiting for? Get your smart device today!