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Don’t trip on your carpet again --053

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Depending on your flooring, it might be hard to keep your rug in one place, assuming you have an extra smooth surface. Most rugs lack tension and grip, which means it normally won’t feel secure on floors like marble or tile. Slippery rugs can also cause accidents resulting in slippage (ie. if you are carrying a heavy load of items, there is a higher potential of danger if the carpet you step on is not firmly affixed to the ground). Another common problem most people face is curling rugs. It can be quite annoying when you accidentally lift up the rug and it becomes disorganized immediately. Fortunately. This problem can be fixed with anti-slip strips shown below.

These strips can keep your rug in place, preventing disasters from happening, and also it will prevent any type of accidental curling. Since it comes with 8 pieces, you can use this for two carpets, one for each corner! The application is easy to install,simply stick the adhesives under the carpet, and it will stick to the ground. The strips will work on all flooring, however it is most effective on hard finishes such as wood, linoleum, and tile. Some carpets do have anti-slip properties, but for those that do not, this can be the solution and a necessary upgrade. Check out the product here: