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Benefit on using motion sensor light ---018

Posted by Cindy on

Benefits of using motion sensor light

1.The light will be turn on automatically when there is a movement. It will be turn off if it couldn’t sense any movement. The motion sensor uses body heat and wavelengths to calculate whether there is a movement or not. And you could also adjust the amount of sensitivity to the degree of movement.

2. Using sensor LED light bulb could help you save energy. The light will be off automatically if there is no movement. That is different than the light which is not automatically. For example, if you forgot to turn the light off which is not automatically, it will waste energy and you have to pay more PG&E bill.

3. When you enter into a dark place or dark room, you don’t have to turn the light on and off, the technology of the sensor light could do that for you. Try to find the on and off button of the light may hurt yourself in a dark place.

4. The sensor light could have a positive influence on security.When there is a movement, the light will be on which could catch people’s attention. If there is a theft pass by, his movement will raise people’s awareness.

5. LED sensor light can be used anywhere by anyone.It could be installed anywhere such as interior house use. It is also ideal for hallways, stairwells, restaurants, hotels ect. And it is easy to install. Anyone know how to use it.

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