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Be Able to Access to Your Phone While Working Out---024

Posted by Cindy Z on

Do you find it difficult to carry or use your phone while you are working out? Whether you are the person that exercises regularly or not, or you simply just want your phone close to you while you are doing something physical,  there is no better match than an armband that keeps you hands-free at all times. 

When you choose an armband, the first thing you need to pay attention to is whether your smartphone will fit into the armband. Some are designed for certain types of phone, while others may be universally designed for all phones. Therefore, we suggest you to measure your phones size or check the phone size online. Next thing is to make sure it will fit your arm, meaning it should not be too tight or loose. Make sure you adjust it properly so it does not fall off during your exercise. 

Here is a new product called the phone holder forearm band . As the product suggests, you can strap your phone to your forearm and carry it wherever you like. The band is small and lightweight. The one below comes in two colors: black and green. The impressive feature of this armband is that you can have access to all the buttons on the phone . This means that you can take calls, check messages, take photos or watch videos on your phone. without having to physically hold it with your hands. The part that holds the phone is made of stretch resistant silicone which could perfectly fit the size of a 4"-6" smart phone. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the armband to fit your arm , it could almost fit any arm size up to 14". What's more? It can also rotate 180 degrees, depending if you want to view in portrait mode or landscape.

If you are the one that likes to use your phone hands-free in the middle of activities, then this item is perfect for you.