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A Must-Have Handheld Fan in the Summer --017

Posted by Cindy on

It is summer time! When you walk on the street under the sunshine, you must feel uncomfortable since sweat drops from every part of your body. If only there is something could cool you down a bit, that would be great! 

Today, I want to tell you guys one of the cutest items I have ever seen. The handheld fan! It is portable, lightweight, and very compact (about 212mm*40mm) ,so you can put it in your bag easily. You can also hold it on your hand, put it on the table or hang it on the sun umbrella, clip it on the other objects. We can use the mini fan in any place. For example, if there are outside activities, we will be outside for a long period of time. Therefore, having a portable fan can make us more comfortable. There's no need for outlets or cables like an electrical house fan or a USB fan. Furthermore, if we are having a party or event, having these fans can keep people cool when they are having food. In addition, when there is no conditioner in the classroom, a portable fan could make you more ease and more concentrate on your class. 

Let me tell you more about the product. The package includes the fan itself, which comes with the battery as well as a charging cable. The battery is rechargeable, which means you can reuse it many times. Furthermore, the speed of the fan could be low, medium and high. You can change it depending on how you feel. And there are three colors you can choose from: black, pink and white. The pink color is super cute! I love it so much! What’s more? There is a light on the bottom of the rod, you can use it as a light in the evening. And the fan could rotate in 180 degrees. Finally, one more thing I like about this product is that it can be used as a desktop fan, as well as a hand fan. It's detachable from the base which lets you take it anywhere you want. 

Don't hesitate to have one, you won't regret. This mini fan could make you more cool and comfortable in the summer. 



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