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A Speaker You Can Wear --054

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Before headphones became popular, many music enthusiasts were playing songs through big portable radios. However, carrying a bulky device everywhere you go can become a hassle. Listening to music also has many preferences. Some enjoy wearing headphones, but the problem with that is that the outside environment will sound muffled. Sure, it improves focus and concentration, but it lowers the awareness of your surroundings. Others enjoy blasting music through speakers while exercising, but you can’t be mobile if you have to carry your speaker alongside. Luckily, there is a wearable that combines both functions, the portability of headphones, and the sound quality of speakers. A wearable neckband speaker is perfect for the occasional jog or outdoor exercise. With bluetooth function, there is no need to worry about dealing with wires. Best of all, the sound quality is amazing since it is designed to be a speaker. Another bonus is that it is sweatproof, enabling you to work in the most rigorous environments without having to worry about damage or malfunction. If you feel tired or your neck is strained, you can choose to set it down, and the quality of the sound will still be amazing. The 30 ft transmission distance gives you enough room and distance to play your music from far away, while still packing loud volume. This item is perfect for those that enjoy blasting their music and keeping it portable at the same time.

Don’t trip on your carpet again --053

Depending on your flooring, it might be hard to keep your rug in one place, assuming you have an extra smooth surface. Most rugs lack tension and grip, which means it normally won’t feel secure on floors like marble or tile. Slippery rugs can also cause accidents resulting in slippage (ie. if you are carrying [...]

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Travel With a Cup Holder--052

Walking your baby in a stroller is a full time task. Temperatures can get hot during the summer, so bringing a drink with you is a must, especially if it is a long walk. You can also carry milk just in case your baby starts crying. There are many things to pay attention to when [...]

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A Sharp Mind Requires A Sharp Pencil --051

Pencils are one of the most common writing utensils, however a huge inconvenience when it comes to pencils is how often it breaks or dulls out. Most pencil sharpeners are a hassle to use and carry because some don’t have a case to hold the fillings, and some require a power outlet in order for [...]

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Make Camping Overnight Easier --050

Have you ever went camping but find it hard to keep your hands free because of all the equipment and luggage you have to carry around? If you are planning an overnight trip, and want to use a flashlight, it may be hard to do other things while you are holding a light with one [...]

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Music in the Wind --- 049

The sound of nature is beautiful but wouldn’t it sound better if you walk outside and you hear a soothing harmonious sound? The product I want to recommend to you today are these aluminum wind chimes. The installation is simple. You can hang them anywhere with the ring and strings. It will liven up your [...]

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Gardening Necessities part 2 --- 048

Another great product for your gardening needs is the Garden Water Sprayer Hose Car Wash Soft Grip Nozzle 8 Spray Settings. This nozzle has many features which gives it an advantage over many of the nozzles you see in your retail store. There are 8 modes to this hose: Cone/Fan/Flat/Jet/Mist/Quad/Shower/Soaker. It is very versatile [...]

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Gardening Necessities --- 047

The spring season is almost here and many of us are preparing our gardens because it is one of the perfect times to grow plants. One of the easiest methods to water your lawn or plants is with an automated sprinkler. Sprinklers are designed to give your area maximum water exposure without the need to [...]

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Clean Out Your Lint More Efficiently ---046

After you get your clothes out of the laundry, it is not uncommon to find lint all over your clothes. Would you want to go out with fabric flying off your clothes? One solution would be to use a lint roller, but this process takes a long time and it takes manual effort. Why not [...]

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An Easier Way For Mobile Gaming ---045

Have you had trouble playing mobile games on your phone because of the lack of grip? It is even harder to hold our screens comfortably due to the big screens that come with the current generation of phones. Most shooting games like PUBG require the phone to be in landscape mode. This can be hard [...]

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