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Be Able to Access to Your Phone While Working Out---024

Posted by Cindy Z on

Do you want your phone close you and even you are able to access all button of the phone while running, workouts or hiking ?Whether you are the person would take exercise very often or not and you like listening music, or be able to receive call or message, or simply just want to know the time, a forearm band will keep your hands free and your phone is close to you.

When you choose an armband, first thing you need to pay attention is whether your smartphone will fit into the armband .Some are designed for certain types of phone, while others will be designed for most of the phones. Therefore, we will suggest you to measure your phones size or check the phone size online. Next thing is to make sure it will fit your arm which means it won’t be too tight or too loose. Lastly, it could hold your phone steadily while you are doing exercises.

Here is a new product called phone holder forearm band which could hold it on your forearm. The band is small and lightweight. It has two different colors which either black or green. The impressive feature of this armband is you can access to all button of the phone so that you can take call, check message, take photos or watch videos on your phone. Next, the part to hold the phone is made of stretch resistant silicone which could perfectly fit the size of smartphone which is 4.0 inch, it could also fit the size of the smartphone up to 6 inches and the phone screen up to 5.5” such as iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S8, S7.  Furthermore, you can easily adjust the armband to fit your arm , it could almost fit any arm size up to 14". What's more? , it can simply rotate 180 degree. Lastly, extra fabric layer makes the armband sweat resistance when doing workout activity.

If you are the one like having the phone with you and being able to access to all button of the phone while you are taking exercises, this armband you will like.

Have More Fun With “Smart Light Bulb” ---023

Since the invention of the smartphone, more and more “ smart” devices are coming up in the market such as smart watches, smart key chains, and even smart washing machines. Believe it or not, the smart device will become popular in the future, it could be used to everyone. One of the more interesting [...]

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More choices to fit our customers' need---022

Behavioral scientist and operations expert Bradley R. Staats states that : “Keep learning, or risk becoming irrelevant. It's a truism in today's economy: the only constant is change. Technological automation is making jobs less routine and more cognitively challenging. Globalization means you're competing with workers around the world. Simultaneously, the internet and other communication technologies [...]

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Things you must have for bicycle safety—021

School just get started,some college students would like to take bicycle to school, but safety is an important thing they need to concert. It is not easy for the car drivers to identify them on the street, therefore, increase the visibility of bicycle and the awareness of safety for them is necessary. Here are the [...]

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Things You need in your Car on your road trip---020

1.Multiple car chargerWhen you go on a road trip with your friends, will you feel insecure if your phone is out of battery in a new place. Will you feel embarrassed and worried if some of you guys get lose but you can't contact with each other to get the right direction together since [...]

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How to Protect your phone from avoiding the high cost of phone repair fee?---019

Your choice will determine the fates of ur smartphone, you don’t want the device to fall and break in the first few months, do you?Having a phone case on your phone could save your phone’s life. A phone case could provides maximum defense against accidental screen and surface damage, in addition, a good phone case [...]

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Benefit on using motion sensor light ---018

Benefits of using motion sensor light1.The light will be turn on automatically when there is a movement. It will be turn off if it couldn’t sense any movement. The motion sensor uses body heat and wavelengths to calculate whether there is a movement or not. And you could also adjust the amount of sensitivity to [...]

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A must- have handheld fan in Summer --017

It is summer time! When you walk on the street under the sunshine, you must feel uncomfortable since sweat drops from every part of your body. It there is something could cool you down a bit , that would be great! Today, I want to introduce one cute thing which you should have in summer—-handheld [...]

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​More Pleasure and Convenience with Wireless Headphones---016

It is more convenient to have no wires at all. If you like convenience, then you should try these wireless headphones. We all have experienced the hassle of dealing with wires. It can interfere with a lot of our daily activities which can be annoying to many of us.I want to share my experience on [...]

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It is not just an alarm clock----015

New innovation...It is not just an alarm clockThe features of this alarm clock attracts me: First, involving new technology. It is very cool that it has a wireless charging on the clock. If your phone comes with a QI wireless charging function, it will take charge once you place your phone on the top of [...]

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