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How to choose a good Bluetooth speaker

Posted by Joe on

What are the benefits of a Bluetooth speaker?

1.Improve the sound quality of mobile phones and tablets.

Our screen time is becoming longer every day. However, whether it is a mobile phone, pad, or computer , the output sound quality is not extremely good, especially for a mobile phone , which consumes battery heavily as well. Bluetooth speakers can be a good solution to both issues.

For those who love outdoor sports, music will make physical exercises easier. A professional outdoor portable speaker will meet his/her riding, climbing, camping and other needs, and enable friends to share music together.

2. The biggest advantage is freedom from restrictions.

Bluetooth transmission distance is generally about 10 meters, just the size of a room. It can also transmit through walls. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can easily get rid of the hassles of wires, place it anywhere you want with a lot of freedom.

How to select a Bluetooth speaker?

  1. Look for versions higher than 4.0

The higher the Bluetooth’s version, the more powerful the Bluetooth speakers are, the further effective distance it can reach and the more compatible it is.

  1. Battery life: 5-8 hours is appropriate

The battery life is like that of cell phones, of course, the longer the better. It is recommended battery life of a Bluetooth speaker is 5-8 hours under normal use. There is a certain relationship between the battery capacity and product power: battery capacity = using time ×device power ÷ battery voltage. Other values remaining unchanged, the battery capacity and the use of time is proportional. The power of double unit Bluetooth speakers, for example, is between 4W to 6W. So if you want to get good using time, 2000mAh battery capacity is best to achieve that goal.

  1. Sound quality: to listen with your ears.

Generally speaking, a small speaker by its physical limitations can not compete with big speakers when it comes to sound quality. But for the vast majority of users who do not have golden ears, the small speakers combined with tablets and mobile phones are sufficient to meet the needs. In this case, how to tell if the sound quality is good or bad? The most straightforward way is to listen with your own ears. Check out a few things. Firstly, is the speaker volume loud enough? Secondly, at its maximum volume is the sound broken? High-frequency sound is commonly used in pop music and movie soundtracks so you may want to pay more attention to the clearness of details and see if coloration is excessive. Finally do not pick on low frequency sound since too much low frequency sound can cause human voice to tremble. As long as it meets normal expectations it will be fine.

  1. Portability and versatility.

It would be perfect if a speaker can be used under many different circumstances, such as: mountain climbing, seaside camping, biking, walking and indoors uses.


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