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Prevent Your Children from Potential Danger with The Cushion Protector ---031

Posted by Cindy Z on

Children’s safety should be the first priority for the school and our parents. They should always think ahead in order to prevent danger for our children since they are not aware of protecting themselves when they are small. For example, when you are taking care of your children at home, you need to consider which spots can be a potential danger such as the edge of a table, sharp knives, wet floors, and so on. If your children. If your childrens like jumping on the sofa or table, there can be potential for injuries, here is a product that can help you protect your children from danger. It's a soft cushion protector that guards the edge of a table. It is made of rubber foam. There are three colors: coffee brown, warm white and white. These colors can also match your furniture so don’t be afraid to use it as decor. This cushion can fit on many things such as tables, chairs, chests, shelves, stairs, fireplaces/hearths, and it can be used in your home, school, daycare, preschool, hospital, office, etc. A quick reminder, this is not a teething toy, so don’t let your children bite or chew on it.

Let me tell you guys how to use it. First, uncoil the edge cushion, let it remain straight for 12 hours, clean the furniture surface. Then, install the corner cushions, remove the tape backing, open the cushion and press deeply into the furniture corner. Press all side of cushion firmly and hold for several seconds. The tape is pressure sensitive, the harder you press, the stronger it would be. Now, install the edge cushion. Do not stretch the edge cushion, measure the distance of the furniture edge between two Conner cushions, cut the section of the edge cushion, put the tape on the cushion and peel the tape, open the Cushion and press deeply and hold for a second. Repeat this step to install other edge of the cushion. Let the adhesive set 12 hours.



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Providing More options for our Customers---022

Behavioral scientist and operations expert Bradley R. Staats states that : “Keep learning, or risk becoming irrelevant. It's a truism in today's economy: the only constant is change. Technological automation is making jobs less routine and more cognitively challenging. Globalization means you're competing with workers around the world. Simultaneously, the internet and other communication technologies [...]

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