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Let You Eye Feel More Comfortable with Enlarger Screen

Posted by Cindy Z on

Smartphones are the world's most popular device. Almost everyone you know will have a smartphone. Most of us will use it to watch news or even movies for a long time. However do your eyes feel strained when you watch for a long time on a small screen? If yes! Here is a product we can recommend you. It is called the phone screen enlarger which is able to enlarge your phone screen 4-6 times. Also it could make your screen feel more real with a 3-D like display. It can protect your eye from because the bigger screen will allow you to look from a longer distance. It's folding design and low weight makes it very portable, so you can bring it anywhere with you when you travel. Compared to iPads, this screen enlarger would be much more affordable. Furthermore, there is no power needed which could save you energy and protect the environment. It is suitable for all kinds of smart phones. It is a great gift for your friends and family. 


Help Protecting You When You Are In Danger---035

Do you work late every day or come home late sometimes?Do you like traveling?Do you enjoy camping or hiking?Do you worry about your kids when they are outside ? You may need this product called the personal alarm keychain. When you or your families are outside on the way to somewhere or going home, by yourself [...]

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Improve Visibility and Safety When You Drive---034

When the weather is getting cold, sometimes the frost starts steaming up my car's windows. This is dangerous because it blocks my vision so I can't drive properly. So I have to clean the steam off the windows ,especially the rear window since my car doesn’t have a windshield wiper there. Every time I clean [...]

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Having a cooking timer is for your safety---033

One day, I came home and smelt something burning from the kitchen. I found out there was foodon the stove cooking for way too long, and for some strange reason the fire alarm didn't go off.  At this time, my mom was sleeping on the sofa, she fell asleep and forgot there was something cooking [...]

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Feeling More Comfortable with Fresh Air in Your Car---032

People often don't know how important it is to change their cabin air filter. Changing your cabin air filter can make a huge difference in your car’s performance. First, the filter blocks a lot of smoke and dirty debris from outside. Recently, there has been thin dirty air coming from the California wildfire, so changing [...]

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Prevent Your Children from Potential Danger with The Cushion Protector ---031

Children’s safety should be the first priority for the school and our parents. They should always think ahead in order to prevent danger for our children since they are not aware of protecting themselves when they are small. For example, when you are taking care of your children at home, you need to consider which [...]

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Protect Your Hand being Hurt from Overheat or Cold Staff with this ---030

When you are in the kitchen, have you ever hurt yourself from carrying something hot in the microwave, oven or hot pot? You may use a towel or paper towel to help you prevent the heat, but most of the time it won't completely protect you from high degree temperature.  And sometimes you can't get [...]

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Things You Would Like to Have For Outdoor Workout---029

More and more people are aware of the importance of exercising. Exercising has many benefits. It could keep your body and brain healthy. One of the most important benefits is that it could help reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Today, we want to talk about the items you [...]

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Add Warmth and Style to Your Home with Cotton Ball Lights---028

The Holiday season is coming! Some decorations could make us get into the holiday spirit. When picking out decorations, one of the most important element is lighting. Whether you are trying to decorate your outdoor with strings of lights or you want to add some lighting into your living space, there are so many different [...]

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Having These Candles on Your Special Day Is Safer and Happier---027

Do you have any wedding, ceremony, birthday, anniversary, memorial service,church gathering or other special occasions around the corner? Do you want some decorations on your special day? This candle lamp could be a good fit for those occasions. They are not actually candles but look like real. They require 3 AA batteries which can be replaced.There [...]

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