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An Easier Way For Mobile Gaming ---045

Posted by WS on

Have you had trouble playing mobile games on your phone because of the lack of grip? It is even harder to hold our screens comfortably due to the big screens that come with the current generation of phones. Most shooting games like PUBG require the phone to be in landscape mode. This can be hard to handle because the phone is narrow and there is not enough grip for our fingers. Most of the grip will be focused on our palms which can risk slippage.

I have a product to recommend you: the Mobile Gaming Trigger Controller Gamepad with Cooling Fan. Not only does this product give your phone a nice smooth grip, it also comes with a fan that cools down your phone in case it gets too hot. It’s a 2 in 1 feature that can greatly optimize your gameplay. You are able to take it wherever you go because it is not too bulky. The grip is similar to a game controller so it sits comfortably in your hand. Another bonus feature is that it can act as a mount so you can watch videos easier. If you are an avid gamer, take a look at the item here:

2 in 1 pillow with mask---044

When you want to take a break outside. For example, when you go traveling and sitting on the plane, train or bus and want to take a break, do you want to have a pillow and eye mask when you take a rest? Or when you are at work and want to have a break [...]

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Prevent Burn and Grease on Your Stove with This Aluminum Foil---043

When you cook, it is hard to control the oil splash everywhere which make the stove, wall and floor dirty and messy,and it also take time for you to clean the oil which is annoy, don’t you agree?Here has a product could help u prevent the grease splash on the stove and wall and help [...]

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Make Your Basketball Net Visible and Different---042

Have you ever seen basketball net with luminous light? Don’t you think it looks cool and different ? I think it is not only look cool but also allow u to play basketball even at dusk or at night since the soft green net improve the visibility to your basketball. Especially in summer, it is [...]

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Having this instead of keeping changing your knife---041

After using the knives in the kitchen for a while, don’t u feel the knives are not sharp enough to cut your food? If you keep changing all of them, it will cost money. Here we have something to help you save money which sharpen your old set of knives rather than spending money on [...]

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Create A Small Studio For Your Small Items in An Affordable Way---040

If you are an online seller and selling small item, Or if you are a photographer or you just like taking photo for small item, don’t you think if there is a way to make your photos look great in an affordable way instead of purchasing a high quality camera?Here is the thing [...]

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Mini Sound Recorder Is A lot Better Than Built-in Recorder---039

Here is a product musicians, journalists, YouTuber or people like recording audio and video will like. It is called microphone audio sound recorder. As you know, more and more people are being YouTuber today , they would like to share their life on media with others. As a YouTuber, what they always do is to [...]

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Different Style of Headphone---Bluetooth Beanie Cap---038

We like to offer a wide range of products to satisfy our customers because everyone has different preferences. For example, we sell many different types of headsets such as wireless, wired, single earbuds, etc. Today I want to introduce something unique. It is a bluetooth beanie cap. There are two colors available to choose from: [...]

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Hand-Free Magnifying Glass with Headband---037

Do your hands feel tired when you are doing tedious work with small materials such as watches and jewelry? Here is a tool that can lessen the stress for you. It is a headband magnifier. You can wear this on your head and adjust it accordingly. It is very easy to use and you do [...]

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Let You Eye Feel More Comfortable with Enlarger Screen

Smartphones are the world's most popular device. Almost everyone you know will have a smartphone. Most of us will use it to watch news or even movies for a long time. However do your eyes feel strained when you watch for a long time on a small screen? If yes! Here is a product we [...]

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